30 November 2018

Highlight of the Month

How much do Hong Kongers know about human trafficking in HK? This month, our team went to the streets to find out what locals really think about human trafficking. It was a fascinating exercise which provided a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with the community about this important issue. Click here to watch our first and second episodes of the video!



Our Programme Manager Tina shared our experience of front-line work with staff from Fair Employment Agency.

On Friday the 9th, our Programme Manager Tina shared STOP’s work at Fair Employment Agency (FEA). FEA reinvented the hiring process so that migrant domestic workers can find decent jobs without paying fees. We spent a delightful morning sharing our experiences and getting to know more about this agency.





Hong Kong

Security chief defends decision not to send money laundering alert to banks in Hong Kong, calling information ‘unverifiable’

Date: 31 October 2018
Source: South China Morning Post

Hong Kong’s top security official has hit back at criticism that the police force is more concerned about the city’s image than tackling money laundering linked to human trafficking.

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Halting child trafficking remains tricky in Thailand

Date:19 November 2018
Source: Bangkok Post

Thai government has committed to eradicating human trafficking in the recent years, yet, there remains a challenging situation where children are the victims, compounded by the complexity of a transfrontier situation and the opacity of the vested interests behind the sex market.

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Slavery is real and the West profits from it – Cambodia’s construction boom highlights how

Date: 8 November 2018
Source: The Conversation

In the midst of Cambodia’s recent construction boom, men, women and children work in horrific conditions in brick kilns across the country. Modern slavery in the form of child labour and debt bondage is endemic in the Cambodian brick-making industry.

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Live-streaming of child sex abuse spreads in the Philippines

Date: 27 October 2018
Source: Channel News Asia

Live-streaming of child sex abuse is spreading in the Philippines. 10-year-old Sasha was sexually abused by her aunt, who live-streamed the assault for sex predators overseas in exchange for money.

Access part 1 of the article here.
Access part 2 of the article here.



Slave-free jeans sell out on ‘Markle sparkle’ but can companies back ethical vows?

Date: 14 November 2018
Source: Reuters

Australia-based Outland Denim employs dozens of survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery and other vulnerable women in Cambodia to make slave-free jeans that are stamped as ethically sourced and produced, and environmentally friendly.

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Fee for EU citizens staying in UK puts slavery survivors at risk: campaigners

Date: 5 November 2018
Source: Reuters

Britain will put slavery survivors at risk of being trafficked again unless it exempts them from fees imposed on immigrants wishing to stay in the country after it leaves the European Union.

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VIDEO: The hidden dark world of human trafficking

Date: 20 November 2018
Source: TEDx Talks

“Everyday I see the victims, from kids and teens to adults. I witnessed many traumatic things,” said Daniëlle van Went, Project Manager of an expert center for victims of human trafficking.

Access the video here.

EDITORIAL: Sex trafficking deserves severe sentences

Date: 14 November 2018
Source: Times News

Another vulnerable girl duped on the internet into a relationship with a man who, in turn, sold her body time and time again. But this particular story had a twist, a twist that should give us hope that the scourge of human sex trafficking is something we can fight and we can defeat.

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