31 October 2018

Highlight of the Month

Our Research and Policy Officer Jacqueline explained human trafficking at the training.

Raising awareness is an important tool in combatting human trafficking. Saturday the 13th, we organized a training to share knowledge of human trafficking and our experience working with survivors in Hong Kong to our NGO partners and volunteers. We were appreciated by the thought-provoking questions that were raised and we had a impressive discussion on this issue.

We had a small group discussion at a workshop about youth and justice.

We are honored to be part of The Justice Conference Asia 2018! Many organisations working in justice field gathered and discussed different justice issues. It was a delightful opportunity for us to learn from other frontline fighters’ sharing and talk to many participants in person regarding the issue of human trafficking in Hong Kong.



Hong Kong

The slave who took on Hong Kong

Date: 21 October 2018
Source: South China Morning Post

Trafficked to the city and forced to endure unpaid work, abuse, threats and hunger, this man sued the government. A decade after his ordeal began, he is still fighting for a change in the law that could help and protect others like him.

Access the article here.

Activists ‘shocked’ after Hong Kong police chiefs block alert to banks on human trafficking-linked transactions

Date: 11 October 2018
Source: South China Morning Post

Hong Kong’s determination to tackle money laundering linked to human trafficking has been called into question after it emerged that police chiefs blocked an alert – prepared by a specialist law enforcement unit – warning banks in the city to be aware of the problem.

Access the article here.


India, China ink key agreement, to cooperate in combating terror

Date: 23 October 2018
Source: Daily News & Analysis

India and China inked a key agreement on internal security cooperation to combat terrorism, drug cartels and human trafficking syndicates, as Home Minister Rajnath Singh met Zhao Kezhi, China’s minister of public security on Monday.

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Slavery victim trafficked to UK aged three and subject to decades of sexual abuse told to ‘go home’, MPs hear

Date: 23 October 2018
Source: The Independent

A victim of modern slavery who was trafficked to the UK at the age of three and subject to decades of sexual abuse was told to leave the country as soon as they were identified because they were illegal immigrants.

Access the article here.

Exclusive: UK traffickers using drugs to force people into slavery, report finds

Date: 17 October 2018
Source: The Guardian

Salvation Army found figures for British people trafficked into slave labour and sexual exploitation have doubled since last year. Human traffickers in the UK are increasingly using drugs and alcohol to force people into slavery.

Access the article here.

Nadia Murad, from ISIS sex slave to global human rights campaigner

Date: 5 October 2018
Source: CNN Internation

Nadia Murad, who was named as the UN’s first goodwill ambassador for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking in 2016, was recently awarded the 2018 Noble Peace Prize. As a survivor of sex slavery, she hopes there is no human trafficking, sex violence and war in the world.

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JOURNAL: Special Issue–Irregular Migrants, Refugees or Trafficked Persons?

Date: 29 October 2018
Source: Anti-Trafficking Review

The categories developed by the international community for people on the move such as smuggled migrants, refugees, or trafficked persons are increasingly inadequate to capture today’s complex migration flows. This special issue examines migratory categories and their use among authorities and humanitarian actors.

Access the journal here.

RESEARCH: Social Media & Sex Trafficking Process From Connection and Recruitment, To Sales

Date: 8 October 2018
Source: The University of Toledo

Social media is increasingly being exploited to contact, recruit and sell children for sex, according to a study by The University of Toledo Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute.

Access the information here.


The film Joy by Sudabeh Mortezai tackled the vicious cycle of sex trafficking in modern Europe. In the film, a young Nigerian woman was trafficked and worked the streets to pay off debts to her exploiter, while supporting her family in Nigeria and hoping for a better life for her little daughter.

Watch the trailer here.