30 June 2018

Highlight of the Month

Our Programme Manager Tina shared our experience working with trafficking survivors.

It is a delightful opportunity as an Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force together with Legislative Council member Dennis Kwok, human rights lawyer Patricia Ho and barrister Azan Marwah, to host a press conference on June 5 to urge the Hong Kong Government to enact a Modern Slavery Bill and combat the serious crime of human trafficking in and through our city. At the conference, we shared our experience working with trafficking survivors, and how the proposed Bill would benefit our front-line work.


Hong Kong remained on the ‘Tier 2 Watchlist’ in the latest US Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report 2018, released 29 June 2018. Tina Chan, our Programme Manager says that while the Hong Kong Government’s recent anti-trafficking efforts and initiatives are welcome and promising, she remains cautious about the practical impacts and results of these measures. Click here for full 2018 US TIP Report and you can read  STOP’s response to HK remaining on Tier 2 Watch List.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong slams US report on human trafficking despite waiver keeping it off list of worst offenders

Date: 29 June 2018
Source: South China Morning Post

Hong Kong was rated for the third consecutive year on the Tier 2 Watch List in the TIP Report, escaping an automatic downgrade. But the Hong Kong government said the assessment was unfair and that it had ignored the local authorities’ efforts.

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Most domestic workers ‘exploited’ with illegal fees as agencies ignore gov’t code of practice, union study says

Date: 20 June 2018
Source: Hong Kong Free Press

A report from trade union Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Union (FADWU) has raised concerns about exploitative practices by some local domestic worker employment agencies.

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Clampdown on slavery in new-look bill

Date: 6 June 2018
Source: The Standard

Two lawmakers Dennis Kwok Wing-hang and Kenneth Leung Kai-cheong have proposed introducing a “Modern Slavery Bill” to combat human trafficking, aims to modernize and criminalize all forms of slavery and the slave trade itself.

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Webcam slavery: tech turns Filipino families into cybersex child traffickers

Date: 18 June 2018
Source: Reuters

Ruby, only 16, was forced to strip and perform sex acts in front of a computer for paying customers across the globe . She is one of a rising number of ever-younger victims of cybersex trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery in which children are abused and raped while live streaming on the internet.

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Sex trafficking of Tollywood actresses in US: How the racket was busted

Date: 15 June 2018
Source: The Times of India

US investigating agencies have busted an international racket trafficking Tollywood and Kannada actresses into America for engaging in commercial sex with Indians on the pretext of performing at Telugu and other Indian conferences.

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Thailand ratifies convention to tackle forced labor

Date: 9 June 2018
Source: Maritime Executive

Last week Thailand officially ratified the Protocol of 2014 to the Forced Labour Convention at the International Labour Organization summit in Geneva.

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Bill to support trafficking victims clears Ohio House

Date: 24 June 2018
Source: The Blade

Human trafficking victims forced to prostitute themselves, steal, or commit other crimes for the profit of their pimps could seek to have their crimes expunged from the justice system under a bill headed to Gov. John Kasich’s desk.

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Government under fire for ‘outrageous’ treatment of modern slavery victims facing deportation from UK

Date: 11 June 2018
Source: The Independent

The Government has come under fire for its “outrageous” treatment of victims of modern slavery who face deportation from the UK despite fearing for their lives in their home countries.

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FILM: The explosive film lifting the lid on sex trafficking between India and LA

Date: 21 June 2018
Source: The Guardian

In the film Love Sonia, based on a true story, a young woman is taken from India and HK, then to Los Angeles where she is made to work as an escort for white Americans. “I wanted to make a movie about global sex trafficking and bring it back home because it makes people uncomfortable,” said the film producer.

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REPORT: Agents of change? Assessing Hong Kong employment agencies’ compliance with the Code of Practice

Date: 16 June 2018
Source: Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions

The report interviewed 452 migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong and found 96% interviewees’ employment agencies were not fully compliant with crucial elements of the CoP. It shows that non-compliance with the CoP and other statutory requirements is widespread across the whole sector.

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