23 June 2017

Hong Kong

Filipino son of Hong Kong domestic worker touches hearts with tribute to her 20 years of hard labour

Date: 17 June 2017
Source: South China Morning Post

A Filipino son of a Hong Kong foreign domestic worker touched hearts worldwide with his heartfelt tribute to his mother to thank her for 20 years of hard work, as he whisked her on an all-expenses-paid tour of Asia.

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‘I trafficked women at a famous Hong Kong nightclub’

Date: 11 June 2017
Source: South China Morning Post

A former mamasan at Tsim Sha Tsui’s notorious Club Bboss recounts her experience in the entertainment business, which involved trafficking young women – and how a ‘miracle’ put her on the path to salvation.

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Sleepless in Hong Kong … on fridges and in toilets: worst places city’s domestic helpers have called a bed

Date: 3 June 2017
Source: South China Morning Post

Under Hong Kong’s labour rules, domestic workers must be provided with free, suitable accommodation with “reasonable privacy”. However, domestic helpers have slept in toilets and on fridges as “beds” despite the labour rules that are in place.

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Taiwanese employers to pay placement costs for Indonesian migrant workers

Date: 14 June 2017
Source: Taiwan News

Indonesian migrant workers going to Taiwan may no longer need to foot the bill for contracts and agency fees in the future; this means that charges such as training costs, flight tickets, agency fees, health insurance and identity cards will be paid by the employers.

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Workers claiming they had to sleep with the chickens face Thai court charges

Date: 6 June 2017
Source: The Guardian

A group of Burmese migrants is to appear before Thai court, after complaining of labour abuses in Thailand’s multi-million dollar poultry export industry, for defamation charges.

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South Asian Workers in Qatar, the ‘Forgotten Victims’ in Gulf Crisis

Date: 15 June 2017
Source: The Wire

South Asian migrant workers in Qatar say they fear the diplomatic crisis with GCC neighbours will leave them destitute, jobless and unable to get home. Their already tenuous existence in the Gulf state – which involves long hours of work, poor pay and basic living conditions – could be exacerbated by the standoff between Qatar and its neighbours.

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Airlines urged to train staff to help spot victims of trafficking

Date: 12 June 2017
Source: The Guardian

Airlines are being encouraged to train flight attendants to identify signs that a person is being trafficked. Flight attendants could provide vital support in identifying victims, especially young girls, who are being taken overseas for sexual exploitation or forced labour.

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UAE on track to improve conditions for migrant domestic workers

Date: 8 June 2017
Source: Reuters

The United Arab Emirates is on track to improve conditions for migrant domestic workers with a newly proposed law that has been praised by many human rights organisations. This new bill will give domestic workers 30 days paid vacation per year, one rest day per week, medical insurance and a contract before starting work.

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VIDEO: How human traffickers trap women into domestic servitude

Date: 19 June 2017
Source: PBS NewsHour

More than three million women are forced into servitude as domestic workers every year, often lured to other countries in the Persian Gulf or Middle East under false pretenses. This video reports on ways some advocates are working to protect workers and women in low-income countries who may be vulnerable to human traffickers.

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Research Report: Turning People Into Profits

Date: 6 June 2017
Source: Amnesty International

Amnesty International’s recently published report provides fresh evidence that despite the changes in government and legislation, entrenched patterns of abuse of Nepali migrant workers remain unaddressed. New government policies meant to improve the protection of migrant worker rights have not been adequately resourced, monitored and enforced.

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